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If your website is vulnerable, it can cost you and your customers dearly.

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Cybercrime has become a part of our daily lives. Protect your website and your users.

Test your website

We test whether your domain has a modern IPv6 address, is DNSSEC-signed, whether the connection is secured with HTTPS settings and which security settings are enabled in the browser of visitors to your website.

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We test whether your email server has a modern IPv6 address, is DNSSEC signed, which anti-phishing settings are enabled, and whether the connection is secured with SSL / TLS settings.

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Modern addresses reachable?
Domain signatures validated?

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"Danish websites are exposed to approximately 20 million attacks yearly. You risk losing your identity online – and in the worst possible case, if the web is critical to your business, your entire business base.

Scan your site right here, and get an overview of opportunities for improvement in just 10 seconds."

- Martin Thorborg, Danish internet pioneer and entrepreneur